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WHMCS In a Docker

Let’s start with a simple thing, what is WHCMS? In my view, WHCMS is a good automated hosting client control system, that can help you run your hosting business. With this tool, you can not only automate selling your shared hosting, VPS, domain, and other hosting services but also automate billing and support. This is…

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Zabbix Monitoring system on Docker

If you have several servers that you manage or several websites, you would need to know what is happening with your server resources, is server accessible, is overloaded, or if your website responding to the correct response code. With Zabbix, you can monitor many interesting things and get many metrics that I will be talking…

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Docker Nginx reverse proxy and LE SSL

Docker has become an efficient way of boosting productivity in IT development processes. As the market keeps growing, people want to explore the biggest Docker benefits and they want to know more about this valuable tool. The main question here is: why Docker? Essentially, companies including corporations and developers utilize Docker containers because it is…

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