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How to set up a GitLab Runner in Docker

This blog post is about how to set up your own GitLab Runner in a Docker system. If you don’t have your own GitLab yet, then I have already created a blog post, on how to set up your own GitLab in a Docker container the post you can find here Once we have a…

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Docker MySQL container Setup and basic configuration

As we all know, there are several database engines, and some software, website CMS or systems require a specific database engine as its structure is based on that engine. Each database engine has different pluses and minuses, for example, Google to make their search faster uses MongoDB ( or as it is called NoSQL )….

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WHMCS In a Docker

Let’s start with a simple thing, what is WHCMS? In my view, WHCMS is a good automated hosting client control system, that can help you run your hosting business. With this tool, you can not only automate selling your shared hosting, VPS, domain, and other hosting services but also automate billing and support. This is…

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