Hello, So I have removed my Old website with all the databases, as I decided to do a fresh start. Now for a long time, I have created a website that I like for myself and that will serve as my business card / Portfolio. I have added some projects on what I was and still work as A System Administrator / DevOps. The only thing, that is left to prepare my CV and enable the Download button also to add more my skills as I have worked and still learn and work with many interesting systems.

Eventually, I will be creating a blog post with many tutorials on how to do several things in IT, I know that there are many bloggers, YouTubers, and others that write several things each day, but some of the deep things in IT are hard to find in google. And I believe if I have the knowledge or have spent time researching I can share that with you readers so that you can also learn.

Also, I will be using my blog for my notes or things that I need, but I don’t want to memorize. And during some learnings, I will also create tutorials so stay tuned follow me on LinkedIn or on Twitter to be up to date, at the moment my plan is 1 Blog entry each week that I will eventually increase.

Also, with time going I will be adding my new skills to my experience category.

With that all wroten welcome to my new website and blog.