WordPress users often lean onto plugins for any required feature or functionality without thinking much about their impact on the site’s performance. There are several WordPress security plugins out there that promise to secure your website from XMLRPC related security issues but in reality, they hurt your site more.

Here are some of the reasons why securing your site with a plugin is not the best choice.

  • Security plugins are only effective at the application level and do not protect your server from getting hit.
  • They add unnecessary code on your site that downgrades its performance and increases time to first byte (TTFB).
  • Some of these plugins do more harm than good and are used by hackers to create backdoors for your website.
  • These plugins require frequent management that adds more workload.

From the above assessment, none of the options offer an ideal solution to handle the XMLRPC security problem. This brings us to Accelerated Domains. A service that is built to solve complex security-related issues and much more. Let’s look at how Accelerated Domains can effectively solve the XMLRPC problem for you.