H. Valters

I started to learn IT when I was 13 years old, I went the way to gain more experience and I continue to learn since I'm passionate about IT and I like solving difficult IT questions and also automate things using my DevOps knowledge. At the moment I'm extending my knowledge in Ethical Penetration testing. Also offering outsourcing services.

What I Do

System administration

My day-to-day experience in this field is more than 15 years. I continue to extend my knowledge in both Windows and Linux administration also network administration as a Full-stack System Administrator

Ethical Penetration testing

My day-to-day experience in this field is 1 year. I like to explore new things in IT and to help companies improve their security. This field for me is more for my passion and interest

DevOps Services

My day-to-day experience in this field is more than 3 years. As a Full-stack DevOps, I believe in automation and I adore creating new solutions to help developers and others save their time.

IT Outsourcer Services

Sometimes companies don't need a full-time System administrator / DevOps. A good System administrator, DevOps always finds free time and why not spend the free time usefully, on interesting projects.

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