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Digital workplace and at the same time your own test lab with Kasm solution

Kasm ValtersEU

In 2019 COVID-19 shook the world and many companies to continue working started to work remotely. That was a challenging time as I remember that there was a problem to purchase enough laptops large ques to order them and a long wait time, therefore you needed a good communication with the suppliers to get around…

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How to Lock down xmlrpc.php in WordPress

This article explains how you can lockdown xmlrpc.php using .htaccess. The WordPress xmlrpc.php endpoint can be misused as an endpoint for brute force attacks. If you do not use xmlrpc.php for any integrations, you might as well disable it completely. Adding these lines to your .htaccess file will disallow access to the endpoint for everyone. Edit your public/.htaccess file and add Note: xmlrpc.php is required by some plugins,…

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How to prevent XSS

In this section, we’ll describe some general principles for preventing cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and ways of using various common technologies for protecting against XSS attacks. Cross-site scripting prevention can generally be achieved via two layers of defense: Encode data on output Validate input on arrival Encode data on output Encoding should be applied directly before user-controllable data is written…

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